Reviews of Charlotte's Healing Hands

Wanna know my big secret? It’s this woman, Charlotte Westbrook. Every single time I come back from a trip, I have a session with her to get me back in my body, recharged, ready to go and feeling HERE and NOW. Every single time I feel back pain because of my scoliosis or hours at the computer, I book a session with her. Every single time I am having anxiety, stress, or just whacky spiritual experiences I need to integrate, I get a session with her. She’s helped my cramps, neck tension, through breakups, through death and probably even more. But you the idea, right? She’s the bomb and guess what? She’s offering remote sessions and I now PREFER them! It seems she can work even deeper. So, if you want to do some big self care for yourself and get some real change with any of your things you got going on, book a remote sess right now!
Alyson Atma Simms
Owner of ATMA'S Offerings and Yoga Teacher
I have had the opportunity to work with Charlotte for many years now. Every session together is an opportunity for me to learn from her depth of wisdom about the workings of the human body. She understands that I feel my body is my temple for my soul. She helps me to care for my physical body while allowing me the freedom to have my whole self. When I leave from our sessions I do so with an open heart, clear mind, and honest communication between my emotional and physical state. It is rare to find a practitioner with the capacity to care for the true individual. Charlotte's integrity and strength of presence contribute in making her a master of her craft.
Hayley Merchant
Brennan Healing Science Practitioner
Charlotte's (healing hands) how aptly named! Her work is simply magical; her spirit is beautiful. If you find yourself questioning whether or not to come see her...I suggest that you run, not walk to her office.
Patricia Gregg DCPA
NUCCA Chiropractor of 17 years
I experienced such severe menstrual pain to the point where it would keep me from work for up to 2 days every month. I believe I had Endometriosis and was worried I would have problems conceiving a child. With Charlotte's help I experience little to no pain at menses and am a happy parent. I have enjoyed my experience with Charlotte so much I often refer patients to her with menstrual issues, infertility, hormonal dysregulation and urinary incontinence. Every patient has a great experience and the results are impressive.
Dr. Rhonda Steinke, ND
Charlotte is absolutely amazing. I began seeing her at the recommendations of my midwives, when it was noted that my uterus was retroverted. I felt unable to fully recover after a rough delivery 2 years prior. She has a way of listening deeply to her client's voices and bodies and tapping into things that they themselves don't know are occurring. She addressed scar tissue in my abdomen, helping my uterus find its home again, and in the meantime healed hip, sacral, foot, and abdominal pain that I didn't ever think of as as interrelated. I work in pelvic health and have referred a number of patients to her for collaboration. Everyone has had only wonderful things to say and Charlotte has been able to find new insights into their symptoms. I am pregnant again and about to deliver my second without fear of birth or of recovery, largely due to Charlotte's work. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Dr. Christina McGee PT, DPT
Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
I have been going to Charlotte for many years now. I would best describe her approach to healing the body as an intuitive communication. She has a unique way of listening to your body and what it needs. When her instinctive nature meets her clinical knowledge she has the capacity to create the perfect space within your body for healing. The conversation that she engages in with your body allows the muscles, structure and organs to find a place of peaceful release and rest. Whether you are looking for a simple massage or your being and body are calling for something a bit more, Charlotte and her healing hands are the best place to start.
Alicia Hartzell
Artist and Humanitarian
I've utilized Charlotte's distance services for sacral healing in the past. She was the first person I thought of to help me recover structurally from a Motor Vehicle Accident. After one distance session I felt stronger, my spine felt realigned and I was able to get back to work.
Dr. Rhonda Steinke, ND
Charlotte Westbrook applies a thorough understanding of musculoskeletal problems to her practice, identifying the true sources of pain she develops strategies for treatment that encompass expert hands on therapy, ergonomic interventions, and lifestyle modifications. Her approach to acute and chronic pain works.
Julie Graves Moy MD MPH
Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians
As a competitive triathlete, I'm well versed in the art of tearing up my muscles and (receiving) massage therapy - both on a very regular basis! Charlotte's approach, techniques and treatment plans are awesome, and the results are amazing. I've found a massage therapist for life.
Michael Coker
Austin Triathlete